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We are Transcription Trainers

We are a Transcription Company that was founded in the year 2016. It is a platform where all and every question regarding transcription gets answered. In the spirit of sharing, two transcribers who have an extended experience in the field formulated the idea of having a Powerhouse for Transcription thus the company.


Sharing of information is our number one priority. We have a Training &  Mentorship program that is ideally crafted to help you tackle any issues you have. 


We train aspiring Transcribers and to become successful transcribers. Visit our “Training Section“ for more information


Are you looking for a reliable transcriber or Editor? Don’t panic, you are in the right place. Contact Us, and we’ve got you covered.


Now that you have finished your work, exhausted all you know in matters regarding the job or guidelines, what do you do next? Pay us to proofread it for you.


Sharing of information is our No. 1 priority. We have a Mentorship program that is ideally crafted to help you tackle any issues you have. Knowledge is power, hit us up!

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Purchase our products essential for your transcription success:


Best Volume Control

Headphones offer the experience while transcribing. Achieve best results without hustle.

Laptop Charger

Reliable & Trusted Charger

Wondering where to get a replacement for your laptop charger? We got your back. 

Laptop Deals

Ideal for Transcription

Our laptops are from a trusted dealer and tested for best transcription results. 

Laptop Battery

High Quality Battery

Laptop batteries are the soul source of power for laptops. Keeps your laptop on for 4 hours without electricity

Do Transcription Jobs From Home & Earn

TTK trains aspiring Transcribers and is there to cater to your needs. Visit our Training Section for more information.

Transcription Services

TTK  aims in giving back to the society through couching & mentorship and at inflicting resourceful ideas and methodological criteria to ensure reliability and expertise in the online platform. 

Why Choose TTK

Our values define us. We are distinguished by the fact that we are:


Confidentiality is the cornerstone in our client relationships.


Our 99% accuracy rate is owed to our certified and experienced transcription professionals.

One on One Training

Our trainers are flexible and available to coach you in the most convenient and suitable style for you grasp the skills.

Human Working

Only people, not machines, transcribe all your files. We care about your project's accuracy and your success.

What Our Clients Say

Our trainees have shared their successful journey with us: 

Valentine trained me when I was trained before and still had no clue of what transcription was. She was thorough with the training and to detail, by the time she was through with me I could confidently do transcription and did 60 audios with rating of 5 in a month. Thanks Valentine for what you've added to my life, indeed it has made a difference. She's an excellent mentor. God bless you.
Saphire Emerald
TTK Trainee
I met Valentine today to start transcription training, her approach was different she was warm towards me and i felt at ease. i had done an online training that left me hanging and frustrated.She took me through the basic start and along the way i got a different picture of the online work. i look forward to the great training and mentor ship to jump start my online career. God bless you.
Florence Giluih Kitui
TTK Trainee
On my first job, a day after being trained by Valentine I got a rating of 93% and the graph has always risen ever since then. She didn't just train me but took up the task of being my mentor and a friend. Be a part of something that's as great as you are for iron sharpens iron. Totally worth the effort.
Stiff Mburu
TTK Trainee

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